SEDCOLLECTION is an inclusive swim and beachwear brand, with aspirations to be a one-stop shop for everyone's summer needs. The acronym, SED stands for ‘summer every day’ and encompasses both the origins of the company as well as the positivity and warmth that summer brings. The idea was born from a frustration with the swimwear on offer during the off season months. With a holiday in the Caribbean booked over the Winter, I struggled to find swimwear that was affordable, flattering or stylish. 

At SEDCOLLECTION we are passionate about celebrating all shapes and sizes, whether you're an hourglass, rectangle or somewhere in between! All bikinis available as separates so you are able to shop for different sizes in tops and bottoms, and we continue to add to our portfolio of sizes.

In addition, all of our models are our lovely SEDCOLLECTION customers (we feel the people wearing our collections should be the ones to showcase them!). We add new pieces all year round, so if you're lucky enough to live somewhere warm, or you're jetting off for some winter sun we've got everyone covered.

We live by the motto: Summer Every Day (for Every One!)

Rhianna Greene